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The High-Performance Workplace - How to Cultivate Commitment and Action in Your Team

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Get your team to work effectively together, using proper motivation techniques to increase performance. In today's busy 'hustle culture' where our attention is constantly under threat, it can be a near constant challenge to sustain motivation and commitment to tasks even when we sense they are important. The high-performance workplace requires two key human components: empowered, self-aware, productive employees, and compassionate leadership. This topic will help you understand key premises around motivation - what works and what doesn't. It will also outline ways in which leaders can show up and act to foster trust and encourage engaged participation from their teams. We will also explore what employees need to be aware of to bring their best selves to work in a sustainable way. Working effectively together, employees and leaders can be counted on to perform consistently well.


Clare Kumar, Streamlife Ltd.


Understanding Motivation

• Intrinsic Motivation

• Extrinsic Motivation

• Beyond Following Your Passion. Learn to Love What You Do

A Leadership Perspective

• How to "Be" as a Leader

• What to "Do" as a Leader

• Practical Actions to Cultivate Performance

An Employee Perspective

• Understanding Productivity CPR™ - a Model for Sustainable Performance

• Set the Compass ' Clarify Intention

• Respect Performance Requirements ' Manage Attention

• Develop Rituals ' Excellent Execution

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