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How to Communicate With Overly Sensitive Employees

OnDemand Webinar (51 minutes)

Learn how to effectively communicate with colleagues who take criticism personally.Management today must learn to deal effectively with people from a diverse background, including those whose experiences have left them 'overly-sensitive' to criticism. Being careful not to scare these people, while at the same time knowing the necessity to offer needed constructive criticism, is difficult. During this topic we offer suggestions for how managers can find the balance and communicate effectively with people who are reacting personally. This information is appropriate for all levels of leadership and management in an organization of any size.


ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D., Diamond Associates


Understanding Emotions

• How to Read Emotional Cues and Signals

• How to Demonstrate Empathy and Transform Problems

• How to Anticipate and Handle Responses to Change

Speaking Responsively

• Word Management - How to Choose the Right Words When Dealing With Sensitive Employees

• Tone Management - How to Prevent Using the Wrong Tone When Communicating With Employees

• Managing Body Language - How to Speak More With Words Than Body Language

Listening Actively and Effectively

• Listen to What Words Don't Say - How to Identify Nonverbal Communication

• Reading Between the Lines - How to Achieve Clarity

• Tune in and Stay Tuned - How to Be Fully Attentive

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