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Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL): Effective Marketing Within Compliance

OnDemand Webinar (42 minutes)

It's been two years since the restrictive email laws in Canada, called Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), went into effect. While great for individual security, it makes it that much harder for marketers like you to create strong relationships with your buyers. You know how important it is to keep your buyers' attention. It's a long purchase cycle - how can you create effective marketing strategy within these laws? What CAN you do with email? And how can you use other tools in the Marketing Automation arsenal to engage buyers? Get all of your questions answered here! Join David Fowler, Head of Digital Compliance from Act-On Software, to learn more about current laws and upcoming changes.


David Fowler, Act-on Software, Inc.


What Rules to Expect and How They Will Impact Your Company

How to Stay in Compliance in Your Everyday Marketing

How You Can Create Effective Marketing Plans - and Still Play by the Rules