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Fire Up Website Translation to Fuel your Global Expansion

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Would you like to reach more customers in international markets? Website translation can be an incredibly effective way to do that. After all, more than 72% of consumers worldwide prefer to surf a website that's in their own language, according to research firm Common Sense Advisory. More than half, 56.2%, said they're willing to pay more if it means getting content in their own language.

In this course, two website translation and technology experts will take you through the how's, why's and wows (in terms of sheer revenue potential) around expanding your global web presence. You'll learn about two specific approaches and what's involved with each, common challenges along the way and how to create a goal-driven strategy.


Gary Condon, Sajan, Inc. Robert O'Shaughnessy, Sajan, Inc.


The Global Website Landscape: the Growing Need for Translation

Why a Well-Localized Global Website Is a Must and What "Well-Localized" Means

What's Involved With Website Translation?

Common Challenges With Website Translation: What Do Companies Struggle With?

Two Approaches to Website Translation: the Traditional Approach and the Tech-Driven Approach

Putting Together a Strategy for Website Translation