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The Importance of a Social Image Strategy

OnDemand Webinar (76 minutes)

A confluence of forces has given birth to a critical online trend: social visual communication. Real-time communication, the shift to mobile as the primary means of online access, and increased time pressures in the face of ever-increasing content options have resulted in a preference for images over narrative text. Services like Pinterest™ and Instagram™ are overshadowing text-driven channels when it comes to referral traffic and engagement - and brands are getting on board. This example-rich on-demand webinar will introduce you to the world of social visual communication and how to employ it to your organization or brand's advantage.

5 Reasons to Order

  • The reasons you can't afford to ignore image-based marketing
  • The categories of images that will underlie your image strategy
  • How brands are increasing traffic and engagement with Pinterest™ and Instagram™
  • The role of short-form video from services like Vine, Instagram™ and MixBit
  • Introduce you to social visual communication and its relation to brand advantages.


Shel Holtz, Holtz Communication + Technology


The Rise of Imaged-Based Marketing and Communication

Incorporating Social Visual Communication Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

The Top Image Platforms and How to Use Them

  • Instagram™
  • Vine
  • Pinterest™
  • Tumblr™

Building Your Brand on Facebook­® and Google+® With Images

Images in Transmedia Communication

Infographics, Infoposters, Charts and Graphs