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Best Practices to Engage Customers Using the Social Power of Instagram(TM)

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Over the last few years, InstagramŽ has proven itself as a creative outlet that enables celebrities, bloggers and lifestyle brands to effectively reach today's consumer audiences. With over 90 million active monthly users, InstagramŽ is quickly becoming a social destination your brand will want to consider as part of the social media marketing mix.

5 Reasons to Order

  • You will learn how to develop InstagramŽ marketing tactics that tie into your strategy.
  • You will learn InstagramŽ language that is essential to leveraging the platform.
  • You will learn the mindset of InstagramŽ users and how to align your content in relevant ways.
  • You will learn practical tips from successful InstagramŽ marketing case studies.
  • You will learn how to get started on InstagramŽ and be inspired to begin or improve how your brand engages consumers on this social network.


Gregg Witt, Immersive Youth Marketing


Background on InstagramŽ

Familiarization with InstagramŽ Terms

Getting Your Brand Started

InstagramŽ Do's and Don'ts

  • Insta-Success Stories

How to Retain Followers

Essential InstagramŽ Tips for Brands