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Get it in Writing: Five Contracts Too Risky to Live Without

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Explore essential planning strategies and risk mitigation techniques for contracts that are crucial to every business.

This on-demand webinar will provide an overview of some of the most critical contracts that businesses rely upon to achieve their goals - agreements among the business owners; employee and independent contractor agreements; agreements with clients, customers, vendors, and suppliers; and restrictive covenants. You will learn key concepts and best practices to help elevate their business relationships beyond a handshake.


Amy Andrews, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
Kevin A. Stine, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC


Documenting the Deal

  • Who, What, When, Where and How
  • Risk Allocation
  • Payment Terms
  • Contract Mechanics

The "Fab Five" Contracts

  • Ownership Agreements (Members; Partners; Shareholders)
  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Non-Competes and Other Restrictive Covenants
  • Client/Customer Agreements
  • Vendor/Supplier Agreements

Planning for Enforcement and Remedies

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Jurisdiction and Venue Issues
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Injunctive Relief