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Optimizing Press Releases for Search and the Social Web: How to Get Your News Seen and Shared by the Right Audiences Online

OnDemand Webinar (79 minutes)

The Internet has created a real-time, 24-7 news cycle. More Americans get their news online than from newspapers, radio or TV. Three-fourths say they hear of news via email or updates on social media sites (Pew Internet and American Life Project). U.S. newspaper companies drew record traffic to their websites in the first quarter of 2010; more than one-third of all online users visited a newspaper website (Nielsen Online for the Newspaper Association of America). The number one online news site is Yahoo!® News. Google® and other search engines now include news, blog posts, social content, images and videos in their web search results.

This OnDemand Webinar will help you understand how the news business has changed, how people find news and what journalists need from PR today. This program explains how to format news content to rank high in search engines so that it can be found by journalists, bloggers and the public. Not knowing how to prepare your news content correctly and how to optimize it for search means your news will get buried in the mountain of content that gets added to the web every day. This program is vital for those tasked with getting corporate news out to important audiences.

5 Reasons to Order:

  • Discover how search engines rank news content
  • Find out what journalists need from PR today
  • Get step-by-step instructions and a tool to help you optimize news content
  • Discover where people go before they visit news websites
  • Learn how to optimize images and video news content


Sally Falkow, APR, PRESSfeed


Changes in the Media Landscape: How Search Behavior and Search Engine Content Has Changed in the Last Two Years

  • How People Search Online, How They View a Search Page
  • How Journalists and Bloggers Find Story Ideas, News, Experts and Background Material for a Story
  • The Changing Needs of Journalists Today - What Journalists and Bloggers Want in a News Release
  • How Search Engines and News Engines Rank Content

The Evolution of the News Release

  • Press Release - Designed for Print Journalists; Audio and Video News Releases - Radio and TV
  • Where People Get Their News Today - What Drives Traffic to News Websites
  • Social Media News Releases With Multimedia Designed for the Social Web

Optimizing the News Content

  • Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Optimize a Page or a Release for Search
  • Optimizing Images
  • Optimizing Video
  • Optimizing News for Facebook®
  • How Best to Integrate News and Social Content For SEO On Your Website