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Marketing Next: Strategies and Trends for Tomorrows Marketers

OnDemand Webinar (53 minutes)

You can't keep up. Media delineation continues to blur as channels evolve and points of access increase. The marketing divide is crumbling as advertising looks more like PR, PR looks more like promotions and digital marketing channels tap print to reach their target audience.

The only thing predictable about change in the world of marketing is its increasingly rapid pace. But you're not worried. You're actually excited, because you understand the dynamics of our changing marketing ecosystem and how to identify trends and opportunities to engage more meaningfully with your target audience.

5 Reasons to Order

  • Gain valuable insight into new marketing strategies, trends and tactics
  • Discover new opportunities in marketing and how to evaluate whether it's the right fit
  • Understand how the media landscape and consumer trends impact your strategy
  • Learn how to meaningfully harness the power of interactive technologies
  • Learn how to stretch your marketing dollars through strategic integration of existing components and initiatives


Ted Curtin, Synergy Events


Beyond the Impression

• Meaningful Marketing Matters

• The Experience Effect

• What’s the Story?

• The Value of Earned Media

Engagement 2.0

• Collision of Digital and Traditional Marketing

• Contextual Relevance and Your Audience

• The R.U.L.E.S. of Engagement

• Your New Content Creation Strategy

Tomorrow’s CMO

• Big or Small ' It’s Not the Data, It’s How You Use It

• The State of Now ' and Why It’s Irrelevant

• Chasing the Elusive ROI

• The Value Differentiator