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Discover the Secrets of Microsoft® Excel® PivotTables

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If you don't know how to create an Excel® Pivot Table - you will by the end of this program.Any Excel® user who maintains database like data invariably needs tools to manage and analyze the data beyond mere sorting and filtering. Excel's® PivotTable feature gives you a quick and powerful way to create summary cross-totals combined with an enormous flexibility to restructure your results with simple dragging of fields. Whether you need the ability to create a quick look at the data for that important meeting or need more detailed analysis for a printed report, a PivotTable will meet your needs. This feature also lets you create a summary of data gathered from more than one worksheet. There's a great visual companion feature as well, a pivot chart, that further enhances your presentation possibilities. To create good, quick summary information for analytical purposes, nothing beats a PivotTable. This topic will demonstrate the use of PivotTables in Excel® version 2016 (with occasional references to the 2013 and 2010 versions).


Dennis Taylor, Taylor Associates