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Essential Techniques for Productive Meetings

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Gain an understanding on how to execute purposeful and focused meetings that result in solutions.Most people consider meetings the bane of their existence, pulling them away from meaningful work. They make sure they have their phone to check email, texts, Facebook®, Instagram®, LinkedIn® or even shipping dates on Amazon. Meetings can be a total waste if the meeting is spur of the moment or called just to have a meeting, meaning there is no clear purpose other than we always meet on Monday morning. If meetings are not properly planned and executed, many hours of employee time is wasted, causing resentment and often making employees' work tardy, even making them miss deadlines. Instead of having attendees dread your meetings, or plan to catch on social media during your meeting, learn how to plan and execute a meeting with purpose and energy, focused on needs, objectives, and solutions. You'll learn how to manage the logistics of the meeting, how to write an agenda and invite the appropriate workers to attend. Plus you'll get tips for starting the meeting, assigning roles, handling sticky situations when personalities come to the meeting pushing their personal agendas or trying to dominate the conversation.


Karla Brandau, CEO, Workplace Power Institute

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