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Key Elements of Decision-Making Meetings

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Learn the tools needed to keep meetings moving forward and reaching group decisions with ease. Have you ever been stuck in a meeting and you cannot seem to move forward with a decision? Or, do you make decisions as a team and those decisions leave you with bad results? Whether you are working through an employee dispute or driving the outcomes of a global corporation, your ability to make great decisions can sink or swim your success in meetings, at work and in life. This topic is an exciting tour of the human mind, group think and how to lead any group to a decision. You will walk away with the ability to identify when your group has fallen victim to one of the eight most common traps leading to bad decisions, call them out and stop them from sabotaging your outcomes. You will also learn how to pick the right decision making method for your purpose as making decisions is not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition. You will be educated on how the best organizations are helping their groups reach decisions from the deceptively simple (and effective) four-square analysis to more complex methods like Pareto diagrams. Finally, you will walk away with a new tool in your tool belt to ensure you will never hit an impasse and be left with no options to resolve it.


Elizabeth Frisch, The Thrival Company

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