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Successful Sales Negotiation Strategies

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Learn the how of sales negotiations to make all future negotiation attempts smooth, comfortable, and most importantly, successful.

Many organizations and their selling professionals are driven by profits forcing many to think in a transactional manner. Consumers today become quickly annoyed by routine cold calls and other mundane sales procedures. Successful Sales Negotiation Strategies addresses this by establishing at the beginning the prevalence of building customer centered relationships. Customers invest in those they trust. This trust manifests brand, builds better relationships and creates future opportunities through referrals and third party endorsements; thus making future sales and its negotiation much easier.

We begin negotiations on the defensive and seek to end them in a similar manner. Negotiation is nothing more than an exchange of ideas and values between two or more parties with different interests. Once selling professionals understand the process, create plans to address the issues, meet with the right personnel and create a road map for success every negotiation attempted will become easier.


Drew Stevens, Ph.D., Stevens Consulting Group

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